Improved management of natural resources and important ecosystem services not only supports economic growth and strengthens resilience to climate change but also can provide the foundation for sustainable development.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

We help community, business, and government partners translate climate science and global climate models into downscaled, locally viable strategies and solutions. We work with local and national governments and the private sector to develop programs and policies that will improve resilience to climate impacts, mitigate behaviors that exacerbate vulnerabilities, and protect freshwater supplies, forests, food security, and economic development.

DAI also recognizes that developing countries’ growth—often fueled by the conversion of forests for agriculture expansion and the exploitation of forests for needed foreign exchange—can confound adaptation and contribute to climate change. We strive to end the conflict between advancing development and mitigating climate change through our diverse portfolio of climate change and economic growth services. To support clients’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage low-emission development, our specialists work with national and local governments, communities, and private companies to:

  • Assess mitigation and adaptation options.
  • Craft plans and undertake actions to improve the management of forests, water, and coastal resources.
  • Embed climate resilience strategies within critical sectors, including agriculture, health, infrastructure, and governance.
  • Develop clean energy resources and improve energy efficiency.
  • Establish greenhouse gas accounting and monitoring systems.
  • Capitalize on carbon markets to create economic incentives based on sound resource management.

Our Experts

Kevin Carlucci focuses on resource use efficiency (water, energy) and governance of land and its natural resources. He has particular interest in environmental finance, such as payments for ecosystem services, and in working to demystify how to access climate adaptation funding.

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Jeremy Keeton specializes in biodiversity conservation and climate change, with an emphasis on environmental governance, climate change adaptation, and anti-wildlife trafficking.

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Donald Lunan is the Director of the Delivery Unit in DAI’s U.K. office, overseeing the implementation of DAI’s portfolio of programmes with multilateral and U.K. bilateral donors.

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Joey Manfredo is an international development professional with more than a decade of project management and leadership experience in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Jonathan Randall has been working at the intersection of sustainable economic development, climate change, and environmental conservation for more than 17 years.

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Shannon Vasamsetti ’s work has focused on the nexis of climate change, rural livelihoods, and natural resource management.

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Catherine Wallis has worked in international development for 14 years with public, commercial, and nonprofit clients across inclusive and sustainable agricultural supply chains, climate, and environmental sectors.

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Our Projects

Ghana—Market Development (MADE) in Northern Ghana

This project is part of DAI’s framework contract with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and is being implemented by Nathan Associates UK. DAI is consulting the project on aspects of climate resilience.

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Guatemala—Nexos Locales

Nexos Locales works with municipalities in Guatemala’s Western Highlands to foster more responsive, inclusive, and effective socio-economic development while reducing local vulnerabilities such as food insecurity and natural disasters. To achieve this goal, the project works at the intersection—or nexos—of good governance.

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Honduras—ProParque; Gobernanza en Ecosistemas, Medios de Vida, y Agua (GEMA)

GEMA is working in western Honduras to further improve natural conservation policies; develop opportunities for inclusive, environmentally sustainable economic growth; and promote a more climate-informed and resilient civil society in Honduras.

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Indonesia—Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan, or Climate Change Adaption and Resilience (APIK)

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s first project focused exclusively on climate change adaptation in Indonesia helped 8,000 community members and 334 government staff prepare for risks associated with climate change.

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Poland—Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (Poland REFF)

Poland REFF created a program of targeted loans to incentivize borrowing for household improvements that increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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Ethiopia—GCCA+/ Climate Smart Mainstreaming into the Productive Safety Net Program (Climate-Smart PSNP)

The GCCA+/ Climate Smart Mainstreaming into the Productive Safety Net Program project in Ethiopia works closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Bureaus of Agriculture to enable their efforts in prioritizing environment and climate smart agriculture .

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Africa—Building Regional Resilience through Strengthened Meteorological, Hydrological, and Climate Services in the Indian Ocean Commission Member Countries

DAI is providing technical expertise to design the “Building Regional Resilience through Strengthened Meteorological, Hydrological, and Climate Services in the Indian Ocean Commission Member Countries” project for consideration to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as part of the Adapt’Action framework contract.

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Regional—EU for Climate Action in the European Neighbourhood Instrument, Southern Neighbourhood (Clima-Med)

DAI is supporting a regional approach to support the transition towards sustainable, low-carbon, and climate-resilient development in the Southern Mediterranean.

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DAI History: 40 Years of Excellence

DAI was founded in 1970 by three graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government intent on providing a more dynamic and effective brand of development assistance. See how DAI is turning this American success story, into a global one.

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