We combine our 40-plus years of experience in global development with the latest and most relevant information and communication technology (ICT) tools.

From climate-smart agricultural support systems to SMS outreach to mobile apps for budget transparency, Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played a central role in DAI’s approach to international development since our founding in 1970. Our approaches and activities evolve in tandem with the opportunities that new technologies present—from Palm Pilots in the early 2000’s to social media apps today—and are always integrated into project design and programmatic goals. Today, ICTs are fundamental to how our projects engage and empower populations, improve decision-making, and create efficiencies for the governments, civil society organizations, and businesses we support in communities around the world.

DAI’s Digital Team:

  1. Conducts face-to-face and desktop research on how digital technologies are adopted and used across the emerging markets where we operate;
  2. Employs user-centered design to develop localized strategies for deploying our products in support of the full cycle of project implementation, from design to deployment;
  3. And partners with global leaders in the technology space to bring the newest and most appropriate solutions to the people and organizations we support around the world.

Our approach is centered on solving real problems, from poor market linkages to weak government service delivery. Over the past 15 years, we have built data management and visualization tools, trained local businesses on how to create efficiencies by integrating digital technologies into their outreach strategies and operations, worked with local entrepreneurs to build tech-driven social enterprises, and designed apps that give citizens a view into how their governments spend money. We share our experience on our blog, [email protected], and by speaking in public, publishing original research, and working directly with teams at project sites around the globe.

Core Products

  • Research: We author reports on how to help our clients gain value by partnering with mobile service providers. We also conduct in-person ethnographic research to understand how people in complex, targeted markets incorporate digital technologies into their daily lives.
  • Strategy and Design: We help our partners better use new technologies in international development programs. We help teams think through project ideas and go to the field to conduct in-depth design work, building on existing local communication practices and infrastructure. We adapt to environmental constraints and keep a rigorous focus on our end-users, ensuring that our digital initiatives create impact, and are sustainable and cost-efficient.
  • Platforms: We work with clients to develop tailored software solutions that build on what works, support business processes and data-driven decision making, and visualize data sets for optimal, informed decision making.
  • Implementation: We provide full-cycle implementation support. This includes recruitment and training of local staff to manage digital initiatives, partner screening and selection, telecom or value-added-service (VAS) provider negotiations, and rollout and monitoring strategy development.
  • Thought Leadership: Digital team members share current project updates, field research on technology use, weigh in on public debates and explore trends in digital development on the [email protected] blog.