Developing economies are increasingly important markets and suppliers for multinationals. But as internationally oriented companies enter increasingly remote geographies, the terrain becomes less familiar and the challenges more complex. We help companies navigate this terrain and position themselves to thrive.

Our on-the-ground experience and ongoing work in more than 60 countries enable us to help our clients to understand and leverage new market opportunities. Our understanding of regulatory constraints, government stakeholders, potential nongovernmental partners, and other key pieces of country information enable us to help aspiring companies enter or deepen their presence in critical markets.

Selecting and monitoring suppliers in remote locations can be challenging from afar. Global brands are held accountable for labor standards, water quality, and other environmental concerns, but lack the capability to select and monitor compliance to agreed standards. Our expertise in small- and medium-sized enterprises, labor standards, and quality standards training and monitoring enables us to help international companies identify and maintain confidence in their suppliers around the globe.

Our Experts

Bill Grant has played an important role in the development and application of subsector and value chain approaches and is currently leading numerous programs applying the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach for private and international donors.

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