Corporate Services

Helping our clients achieve significantly higher social and business returns by merging business imperatives with development best practices

Our work with private sector companies and nonprofit foundations spans decades. Our corporate work goes far beyond helping to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, it blends our economic development capabilities with business strategies to help clients succeed in their developing world operations. We’ve worked with major companies such as Hewlett-Packard on its global citizenship program, Monsanto on its collaboration with the Filipino Ministry of Agriculture, and Unilever on its small business support program in South Africa.

Social Strategy—The expectations of the corporate sector to invest in its communities continue to grow. Successful companies build social strategies that support their core business strategies.

Public-Private Partnerships—Addressing developing country social and environmental challenges is a tough job for any single organization. As a recognized leader in developing and managing successful public-private partnerships, we help our clients establish partnerships that directly support their own business and social responsibility challenges.

Market Insight and Development—Developing economies are increasingly important as markets and suppliers for multinationals. But as internationally oriented companies enter increasingly remote geographies, the terrain becomes less familiar and the challenges more complex. We help companies navigate this terrain and position themselves to thrive.

Local Supplier Development—Today’s global supply chain is comprised of millions of small firms. Cost savings often drive companies to seek local suppliers, but that cost advantage—and the company brand—is at risk if suppliers cannot meet market expectations for quality and reliability.