Thailand—Industrial Baseline Study (IBS)

Client: Multinational corporation

Duration: 2019-2020

Region: Asia and the Pacific

Country: Thailand

Solutions: Sustainable Business

In Thailand, DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) is conducting an industrial baseline study (IBS) that will include an analysis of local content policy, a local content forecast, and a workforce assessment. Local content refers to the economic and social benefits that oil and gas investment brings to a host country.

The policy analysis will cover local content laws and regulations to inform a multinational corporation’s potential investment in Thailand. The local content forecast will survey 250 to 350 Thai businesses using SBG’s local content modeling software to predict potential local spending. The workforce assessment will evaluate the skills of the Thai workforce and worker availability for the project. SBG will use these findings to create a local content plan.



Ghana—Local Content Training

The Sustainable Business Group (SBG) delivered training to officials from the Ghana Petroleum Commission in the local content regulations.

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