Guyana International Baseline Study (IBS) Workforce

Client: Multinational corporation

Duration: 2019-2023

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Country: Guyana

Solutions: Sustainable Business

Building on a 2017 industrial baseline exercise, DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) is conducting an assessment and orchestrating a nationwide economic survey to establish a new baseline against which the future development of Guyana can be measured.

An industrial baseline study (IBS) will identify opportunities to increase local content—the social and economic benefits Guyana derives from oil and gas industry activities. The IBS will also forecast local content metrics to predict the future impacts the industry may have on labor wages, prices of local goods, and local firms’ profits. These efforts will assist a multinational corporation to increase and make more sustainable local content investments and provide data to understand the development of the Guyanese economy over time.

The IBS and macroeconomic study will begin with the development of a survey tool to store data collected from businesses. The study will also collect data from secondary sources including the Bank of Guyana Bureau of Statistics and the World Bank. SBG will use the data to create scenario-based models that depict how various trends might impact the economy. Through the IBS, SBG will compile demand, supply, and workforce data that forecasts future job creation and potential for local procurement. Other measurements will include the number of qualified local firms available to compete in each supply chain and a competitiveness ranking of each supply chain category.



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