Ghana—Industrial Baseline and Economic Forecasting

Client: Multinational Corporation

Duration: 2017-2017

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Ghana

Solutions: Sustainable Business

In 2017, the Sustainable Business Group (SBG) conducted an industrial baseline analysis of the Ghanaian offshore petroleum industry to assess the ability of local suppliers to service a specific upstream investment made by the client.

The SBG team’s analysis provided a comprehensive grading of 42 local supply chains across several key dimensions of business competitiveness; a detailed mapping of the potential economic demand resulting from the upstream investment; and a quantitative forecasting of local employment and economic value likely to result from the execution of the project. 

SBG’s supply chain and local content policy experts then provided an analysis of these results against Ghanaian regulatory requirements, highlighting strategies to mitigate compliance costs as well as for ensuring “quick wins” in meeting specific regulatory thresholds.  



Suriname—Supplier Registration Portal (SRP)

DAI’s Sustainable Business Group (SBG) provided a Supplier Registration Portal (SRP) for a multinational corporation to serve as a business registration system for Surinamese firms seeking work in their major supply chains.

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