Film Festival Supports Municipal Efforts to Raise Awareness

June 11, 2013

The municipality of Herat, Afghanistan, hosted its second annual film festival at the end of May. Assisted by the DAI-led Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations, Regional Command West (RAMP UP West) project, the festival was attended by representatives of the Mayor’s Office, the Economic Directorate, the Provincial Development Council, as well as members of the Herat Journalism Faculty, filmmakers, project representatives, and citizens.

A promo created for the festival shows clips from the winning films.

A three-member panel—including the head of Herat Journalism Faculty and two instructors—selected three winning films from 23 qualified documentaries. The films each promote municipal services such as garbage collection and the issuing of proper building permits.

In 2012, the U.S. Agency for International Development-funded RAMP UP West project sponsored the first film festival. This year, the Herat municipality took over the entire process and successfully conducted the event. This activity is now institutionalized within Herat municipality, which will continue organizing the event every year.

The RAMP UP West project assists the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in establishing capable, legitimate governance at the municipal level in four provinces. Its primary customers are municipal officials—mayors, revenue officers, engineers—and the citizens who benefit from municipal services such as garbage pickup, water delivery, and youth programming.



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